Installing a Enviro Water Tank tank offers many benefits including, but not limited to; 

  1. Save money by capturing natures most precious resource!
  2. Use clean rainwater for your garden, pool or household applications such as toilets/laundry. 
  3. Enviro Water Tanks are made from polyethylene, using new age water tank technology. 
  4. Enviro Water Tanks offer a 10 year replacement warranty to the purchaser based on following our installation guidelines. 
  5. Our rainwater tanks are made with unique dome designs with one piece construction and no internal supports needed. 
  6. Guaranteed weight with no vertical join lines. 
  7. Computer simulated tested and approved by a certified structural engineer.
  8. 100% UV stabilized for Australian conditions with 100% food grade material.
  9. Huge range of colours to choose from!
  10. Our water tanks come complete with brass outlet and ball valve, stainless steel meshed strainer and stainless steel meshed overflow. 
  11. Our own tanks are 100% Australian made.


Enviro Water Tank Rows of Tanks