Site Preparation Information

  1. Ensure that the area chosen is stable original ground and not filling soil.
  2. All Enviro Water Tanks tanks must be on a level base of concrete 100mm thick with a minimum strength 25m.p.a. and one layer of F72 reinforcement.
  3. Concrete must extend a minimum of 30mm outside of the tank perimeter of the tank.
  4. Crusher dust may be used but must be a minimum of 75 mm thick, compacted and the outside edge must extend a minimum of 30mm outside of the tank’s perimeter with edges concreted so the tank cannot be undermined.
  5. All tanks come complete with a ball valve and fitted leaf strainer and 90mm (Mozzie Stoppa).
  6. Polyethylene tanks will expand when filled. Allowance for expansion is required when plumbing work is carried out.
  7. Clean leaves and debris from the leaf strainer on a regular basis.

Tank Installation Information

Outlet and Ball Valve

The 25mm outlets in the tank come sealed so you will have to drill these out using a 28mm holesaw to then attach the ball valve or pump connection pipe (flexible coupling). 

25mm outlet hole cutout

25mm brass outlets are moulded to the tank at ankle height and bucket* height (depending on tank size) during production – these come sealed to enable you to choose the best position of where you need to release the water from. They can be drilled out using a hole-saw (be-careful not to leave any plastic inside the tank which can cause blockages).  

25mm outlet ball valve installed

25mm ball valve (included with tank purchase) connected to 25mm moulded brass outlet at ankle height. This is where a piece of flexible coupling / hose can be connected to connect to a pump. 

*We recommend using a licensed plumber to install your water tank and pump to ensure the downpipes/inlets/outlets are set up correctly.

Mozzie Stoppa on Overflow

Standard 90mm Mozzie Stoppa (included with tank) 

Mozzie Stoppa Installation

To attach the Mozzie Stoppa to the overflow hood, you will need to cut / drill a 90mm hole using a holesaw. Using the screws (provided) and some silicone. You need to be able to access the Mozzie Stoppa to be able to clean it regularly. 

Alternatively, the Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean has a mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen that flips open on a simple, spring-loaded hinge for super-Easy-Cleaning and maintenance. Simply unlatch the screen, brush or hose off any dirt and return it to the closed position.

Must be purchased separately, not included with tank, subject to availability. 

$8.00 inc. GST