Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean

The Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean is a new maintenance friendly overflow screen. The mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen flips open on a simple, spring-loaded hinge for super-Easy-Cleaning and maintenance. Simply unlatch the screen, brush or hose off any dirt and return it to the closed position.

Mozzie Stoppa Easy-Clean keeps mosquitoes, insects and vermin out of the tank.

$8.00 inc. GST

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Features and Benefits

  • Easy cleaning – just unlatch then brush or hose off
  • Improve tank water, keep mosquitoes, insects and vermin out
  • Allow tank water to breathe
  • Can be fitted to all 90mm tank overflow outlets and 90mm pipe
  • Incorporates a spring hinged 0.955mm aperture stainless steel screen
  • Ideal for new installations or upgrade an existing Mozzie Stoppa
  • 90mm male and female PVC fitting

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