ETS3000 3000 Litre Tall Slimline Water Tank

The ETS3000 is ideally suited for narrow spaces against a wall of a house or to service a granny flat. The 3,000 litre capacity enables you to make use of fresh rainwater in the garden, or for household applications such as toilets and laundries.

Dimension Specification
Inlet Height 219cm
Length 240cm
Width 75cm

$1,133.00 inc. GST

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Standard Inclusions


The inlet (fitted with a leaf strainer) is located at one end of the tank. 


A 25mm sealed brass outlet is moulded into both ends of the tank at ankle height to enable you to attach the ball valve / pump according to your requirements.

A 25mm brass outlet is also moulded into the tank at bucket height at the opposite end as the inlet (optional - attach a brass tap here for only $16).  


Overflows are moulded into the tank at the top of each end (attach gutter flange / Mozzie Stoppa according to your requirements)

Included Fittings

Slimline Tank Profile and Inclusions

25mm ball valve

25mm Ball Valve

Leaf Strainer


90mm Gutter Flange

90mm Gutter Flange

Mozzie Stoppa

Mozzie Stoppa

Joining two or more tanks together is easy with the use of flexible coupling (made to suit your required length, price on application) and an additional 25mm ball valve ($25) to connect to a pump.

All Enviro Water Tanks made Poly Tanks are made with 100% Polyethylene food grade material and come with a 10 year replacement warranty.

Water Tank Colour Chart

MP Colour Code 711UV Micropellets Name Colorbond Name Known As
RT711UVSG Slate Grey WOODLAND GREY® Slate Grey
RT711UVBGRY Basalt Grey BASALT® Boulder Grey
RT711UVBIRCHG Birch Grey DUNE® Birch Grey
RT711UVWGRY Wallaby Grey WALLABY® Native Grey
RT711UVAG Armour Grey WINDSPRAY® Armour Grey
RT711UVGULLG Gull Grey SHALE GREY® Gull Grey
RT711UVBUSHG Bush Grey BUSHLAND® Earthtone
RT711UVCLAYB Clay Brown JASPER® Autumn Brown
RT711UVGULLY Gully Brown GULLY® Ravine
RT711UVMGROVE Mangrove Green MANGROVE® Tidal Green
RT711UVRG Rivergum WILDERNESS® Rivergum
RT711UVMG Mist Green PALE EUCALYPT® Mist Green
RT711UV2031 Heritage Green COTTAGE GREEN® Heritage Green
RT711UVSC Smooth Cream CLASSIC CREAM® Smooth Cream
RT711UVMB Merino Beige PAPERBARK® Merino
RT711UVBEACH Beach SANDBANK® Desert Haze
RT711UVW Wheat   Wheat
RT711UVSCOVE Sandcove COVE® Inlet Beige
RT711UVBEIGE Beige   Beige
RT711UVMBLUE Mountain Blue DEEP OCEAN® Mountain Blue
RT711UVBLUES Bluestone IRONSTONE® Metal Grey
RT711UVHR Heritage Red MANOR RED® Heritage Red
RT711UVTRED Terrain Red TERRAIN®  

Site Preparation and Installation Information

  1. Ensure that the area chosen is stable original ground and not filling soil.
  2. All Enviro Water Tanks tanks must be on a level base of concrete 100mm thick with a minimum strength 25m.p.a. and one layer of F72 reinforcement.
  3. Concrete must extend a minimum of 30mm outside of the tank perimeter of the tank.
  4. Crusher dust may be used but must be a minimum of 75 mm thick, compacted and the outside edge must extend a minimum of 30mm outside of the tank's perimeter with edges concreted so the tank cannot be undermined.
  5. All tanks come complete with a ball valve, stainless steel mesh strainer and a tank overflow fitting.
  6. Enviro Water Tanks recommends a professional tank installer or plumber should install your tank.
  7. Polyethylene tanks will expand when filled. Allowance for expansion is required when plumbing work is carried out.
  8. Clean leaves & debris from strainer on a regular basis.

NB: we do not return tanks for incorrect size or colour.

Water Tank & Accessories Warranty

The Enviro Water Tanks warranty will be for a period of 10 year replacement warranty.

For full details of our warranty, you can visit our Warranty Information page.